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Your time is valuable, and so are your teeth.

Chances are, you don’t want to come to the dentist’s office more than you have to. Especially when it comes to getting a crown put on. 

Rest assured that when you come to our office, you can take advantage of our advanced technology, like the Cerec (Sair-ack) machine. A Cerec machine enables Dr. Merrill to produce crowns and veneers right at the office in a single visit!




The Cerec Machine: Saving Time and Teeth

Comfort & Efficiency

The traditional way is to take a goopy impression and send it off to a lab to have the crown made. This requires an additional visit in order to seat or put the crown in place. And if the crown doesn’t fit, there are additional visits. 

With the in-office Cerec machine, Dr. Merrill can take a comfortable digital scan of the required area, use the Cerec to make a finished crown or veneer, and in the rare instance that it does not fit to his satisfaction, he can simply mill another one. Opt for the Cerec machine with Dr. Merrill to eliminate any unnecessary return trips and additional time out of your busy schedule. 

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